Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sunburst panel in Banana

When I saw D3 for the first time, it was love at first sight. Being a relatively new developer, but fluent in imagining applications and use cases I immediately saw the possibilities. Kibana and eventually Banana made some these possibilities a reality by providing a standard system that you can run multiple visualizations on; along with all the bells and whistles of a search platform.

imageOne thing that impressed me in Kibana 4, but lacked in Banana was a sunburst panel that can take a pivot of facets and visually display it as a series of slices on a nested pie chart. So I got to work, learned some D3 and Javascript and (drum roll please) ... you voila. My first real JS/D3 code and an open source contribution. The sunburst panel parses nested facet output from Solr's facet pivot and creates a series of nested pie slices. Feel free to check out the pull request here, it should be included in the next release of Banana. 

image 1
I look forward to future enhancements in Solr to stretch my D3 expertise a bit more. Generating a chord diagram or Sankey would be cool, anyone got any bright ideas of how to store the data for something like that in Solr that would easily retrievable Banana style?